Research on Comprehensive design and Evaluation


Management is one of the important aspects of an organization. Management determines whether the organization will fail or not. The failure of the organization can be induced by poor management and ineffective organizational leadership (Antonakis and Day, 2017).

Management includes different processes in an organization.  Many theories have been developed by various scholars to explain the origin and purpose of control. These theories are universally applied as far as the management of organizations is concerned. Every organization has its management system that they use to run the company.

Many scholars have defined management but it can be defined in simple terms as the process of ensuring that the organization is run effectively and efficiently. In other words, management deals with the allocation of resources in various departments of the organization. Managers do so using different management strategies that are applicable to the organization.

The administration also ensures that things are done in the company using the available resources. In a company, resources include both human capital and other physical resources such as assets and cash equivalents. Human capital is one of the essential resources in the company.

Ideally, the management starts by ensuring that the organization has the right employees at the right time. A company that has qualified and competent staff are likely to succeed than that which has incompetent employees (Chmiel et al., 2017).

Many companies employ different strategies to ensure the effective administration of the company processes. Therefore, management styles tend to differ in various companies. The managers tend to use procedures that are in line with their operations. Notably, management roles and policies are the same regardless of the industry or the type of organization structure.

For example, the management has to plan for many things in the organization irrespective of the management level or the industry in which the business operates. Therefore, this project aims at evaluating the management design and process in PepsiCo. The research will focus on the whole process and the levels of management in the organization.

Problem statement

Management involves a process and not a one-time event. It is one of the continuous aspects of the organization. The management process entails a clear articulation of duties and obligations in the organization.  However, some companies experience difficulties in ensuring that they have an appropriate management system in the organization.

Research objectives

  1. To analyze the roles of management in an organization.
  2. To determine how the management roles are applied in different management levels of the company towards achieving the organizational goals.
  3. To identify the strategies which are used by the management of the organization to ensure good employ employer relationship.


The research will focus on PepsiCo as the primary reference as far as management is concerned. PepsiCo is one of the world’s leading companies that deal with snacks and beverages. The business has been in existence since 1965. The founder started it as a small business entity that served a small group of customers. Currently, the organization operates in more than 150 countries.

The company was named the second largest beverage company in the world.  Pepsi Co. faces stiff competition from other multinational companies such as Coca-Cola. This research aims at evaluating the management process in the organization. Therefore, it is essential to study how its management employs different strategies and policies in regards to management.

In this research, both qualitative and quantitative data will be applicable. Qualitative data will include the assessment of the numerical aspects of the company, whereas the qualitative element will consist of the evaluation of the theoretical management system in the organization. The research team will ensure that qualified and competent individuals conduct the study.

Data collection

The research will use different methods to collect data on the said company. The immediate sources of data will include both print and online media. Due to technological advancements, many companies operate using a well-developed website that contains all relevant information of the company.

People can learn more about the company or even contact the management using the information available on the website. Therefore, the website is one of the best sources of information. In this regard, PepsiCo has a well-developed website that has all information about its operations.

Additionally, the website also has a search bar where visitors can use to navigate through the website to get the information that they might need. Other online sources of information include YouTube and other social media platforms in which the said company uses to communicate to the general public. The information obtained through online sources will be used to analyze the management of the company.

Additionally, the print media include books and journals which document. The research will incorporate the application of general management practices. Management is one of the disciplines which have many theoretical frameworks. Today, managers tend to apply theoretical concepts that were developed by various scholars in the early Century.

For example, the principles of management which were developed by Henri Fayol can be used by managers to assess their performance as far as the achievement of organizational goals is concerned. All the data collected from books and other documented sources will be used to assess the management performance of the company.

Another method that the research will incorporate is a questionnaire. This method promotes the privacy and confidentiality of information. In the contemporary world, questionnaires can also be developed using online platforms such as Google Docs. In regards to privacy, most questionnaires do not include the name of the respondent.

The most important thing is the information that the respondent provides. This method will be used to get information from the management and employees of PepsiCo. Apart from the questionnaire, an interview will also be used to obtain firsthand information on the management of the organization.

Data Analysis

The data obtained will be analyzed using appropriate methods. For quantitative data, the research will incorporate the use of statistical hypotheses to determine the effectiveness of the management process in the organization. Additionally, critical evaluation of the data will be used to analyze the qualitative data of the organization’s management process.

Data analysis helps in ensuring that the data obtained reflect the accurate and fair view of the organization. After that, the analyzed data should be used do come up with a final report on the research topic. Many researchers depend on the data collected during the study to present a report.

Literature review

Many scholars have come up with theoretical assumptions on management practices.  Classical theories of management suggested that management is an art and science. The theory incorporates the influence of science into management practice (Church and Waclawski, 2017). They advocated for the effectiveness and efficiency of the management practice.

In other words, an organization is considered to be effectively managed if it can achieve effectiveness and efficiency. It means that the organization should run effectively through the use of a reasonable amount of resources and time. Efficiency involves the implementation of good management practices to ensure that the company is moving smoothly.

Management is the crucial aspect of an organization, regardless of the industry in which the organization operates. Management is applicable in both governmental organizations and private entities. Poor management practice is likely to lead to the failure of the organization. Organizational leadership helps in identifying good practices that can be used to secure the organization from different problems such as liquidation.

The management is capable of foreseeing the future possibilities of the organization. Managers use the current capabilities of the organization to predict future operations of the business. They do so by working towards realizing the goals of the organization.

The management is also responsible or the mission and vision of the organization. The mission of an organization is a statement which states the objectives and what the organization intends to achieve them. It incorporates the course of action which the organization intends to develop towards the achievement of organizational goals (Jaques, 2017).

They include strategic actions that aim at ensuring that the organization meets the needs of its customers, employees, and even shareholders. A good performing organization provides that all its stakeholders are satisfied. Therefore, the management is supposed to ensure that the organization meets its mission.

On the other hand, the vision of an organization is described in a statement which states where the organization would like to be in a specific period. The vision incorporates what the organization is likely to achieve to fulfill its mission.

PepsiCo’s mission is to be a global leader in convenient foods and beverages by winning the purpose. For the company to achieve this vision, it employs different strategies, such as focusing on the customers. As far as sales are concerned, PepsiCo used market analysis to identify customers’ preferences and tastes.

PepsiCo tends to provide those goods which are preferred by the customers hence making good sales (PepsiCo, 2019). The management has a responsibility to ensure that the organization follows its mission and vision.

Managers act as the custodians of the organizations’ mission and vision in terms of application and observation. Managers who develop good mission and vision statements are likely to perform better than those who develop ineffective vision and mission. The manager can effectively implement a good thing as compared to the wrong one.

In the long run, effective management ensures that the organization meets its objectives as intended. The deviations in the articulation of their mandate should always be positive. This means that managers should work beyond expectations but not below what they are supposed to accomplish.

Management is carried out through various levels. The levels consist of different categories of managers. Despite the management level, all managers are responsible for the success of the company.

These levels promote a proper chain of command in the organization such that the information flows from one person to another in an effective way. Knowledge is one of the best aspects of organizational practices. In many cases, large-sized organizations ted to have a well-developed management structure than small companies.

Strategic management is the first level. It is also referred to as the top-level management. As the name suggests, it is the highest level of management in an organization (Noe et al., 2017). This level of management is associated with the strategic and long term aspects of the organization. Strategic managers look at the organization from a broader perspective; hence they tend to make policies that are likely to help the organization for many years.

Additionally, strategic management is the overall authority of an organization. PepsiCo has its strategic management, which develops long term policies that have enabled the organization to operate for many years.

This level of management is represented by the Chie Executive officer and the Board of Management. They are the people who are responsible for the strategic policies that have helped PepsiCo to run many branches and to offer quality products to the customers.

The other level of management is tactical. This is the middle level of administration, which consists of managers who are responsible for various departments (Kerzner and Kerzner, 2017). Organizations operate in the form of the department, which is integrated toward the realization of common organizational goals.

These departments are led by different managers who are responsible for the particular department but answerable to the top management. For instance, PepsiCo has the sales department and finance department, which ensures effective business management. They are concerned with good the realization of excellent sales and proper financial management, respectively.

The other level of management is operational. This is also referred to as the lower level management. It deals with the functional managers who are mandated to articulate the day to day duties of the organization (Burke, 2017). Lower-level managers ensure that the organization runs smoothly. In other words, they are concerned with the day to day activities of the organization.

These managers include forepersons and supervisors. For instance, PepsiCo has a good number of foremen who are answerable to the middle-level management. In the long run, all managers work towards the achievement of organizational goals.

Moreover, management scholars argue that managers should have different management skills as far as the articulation of their mandate is concerned. These skills vary from one level of management to another. Strategic managers should have conceptual skills.

These skills enable managers to develop critical thinking. Critical thinking is directly linked to the formation of strategic policies in the organization. Ideally, many organizations are employing strategic managers who portray crucial skills.

All managers should have decision-making skills regardless of their level of operation. Notably, all managers are likely to make decisions at a given point of time in the organization. Decision making is an essential aspect of management since it determines the effectiveness and capability of the management (Punt et al., 2016).

In many organizations, good managers tend to make an active decision that can help in the development of the organization as compared to those managers who make inappropriate decisions. Ethical decision making has made PepsiCo to remain in the market for many years despite the stiff competition.

Tactical managers should have technical skills since the work of the various departments needs specialized knowledge and skills. For example, Information Communication Technology managers should have excellent technical skills in that field (McPherson and Pincus, 2017). Organizations tend to employ managers who have unique skills and capabilities to help the organization in realizing its goals and objectives.

Also, operational managers should have interpersonal skills since they are always close to the employees. Interpersonal skills can help the supervisors to have excellent communication skills. Such skills can also help them to build an excellent employee-employer relationship through effective communication.


According to the research, the management process of PepsiCo involves various aspects. The first aspect of the management process is the roles of managers. These roles are universally applied in almost all organizations. The most basic role of managers is to ensure that the organization runs effectively. They do so by ensuring effective resource allocation.

Organizational resources include both financial and non-financial aspects. In terms of financial resources, managers ensure that all departments are allocated a reasonable amount of money, which can help in the day to day running of the business. Other financial resources, such as assets, should also be apportioned effectively.

For instance, all departments which require plant and machinery should have an adequate mechanism to assist them in day to day operations. In case of breakages, the management should respond with immediate effect to prevent the department from lagging as far as its operations are concerned.

The other role of managers is to promote good employer-employee relationships in an organization.  PepsiCo has effective management, which ensures good cooperation between the managers and the employees.

The management acts as the employers in an organization. The other workers tend to obey the commands from the manager. This shows that they are responsible for the whole organization. Human capital is one of the best assets in the company.

An organization that ensures proper management of both the organization and the people is likely to achieve its goals. Good employer-employee relationships can be developed through the establishment of the right working conditions and a suitable environment.

The management should provide basic requirements for the employees. Another way of ensuring a good relationship is to boost the morale of the employees through different motivational strategies. Employees who are happy about the management of an organization are likely to give their best in terms of service delivery.

Apart from the roles played by the managers, the management process also included the roles of management. Generally, these roles are used by the managers to come to ensure adequate and proper articulation of management duties.

PepsiCo embraces good organizational leadership such that it ensures that the managers are responsible or the success of the organization. Decision making is one of the critical factors which are observed by the company for effective management. Due to this act, the company has been employing various strategies such as product differentiation to avoid stiff competition.

Planning is the first role of management. This role precedes all other functions of management in an organization. In other words, planning comes before actions since the course of action is developed through planning. The plan involves a process of assessing the available alternatives then choosing the best course of action which can be used to achieve the organizational objectives.

Before choosing the option, the managers should identify the problem. The problem can be identified from the weaknesses and the threats of the organization. In this case, one of the biggest threats of PepsiCo is competition.

The management adopted a strategy of product differentiation and the provision of quality products to encourage customer loyalty. After the alternative has been chosen, the administration should concentrate on the application of useful strategies to ensure that the action is done effectively.

Planning also requires proper knowledge and skill which are related to the course of action. PepsiCo focuses on suitable planning mechanisms to ensure that the organization meets the need of the people and as well as those of the organization. This is an indication that the organization focuses on the management of both the organization and the people.

Organizing is the next function of management. After planning has been done, the administration needs to devise the right strategies to ensure that the plan is met (Barnes et al., 2015). Organizing answers to the question of how the plan will be done, where it will be done, and also who will do it. It also incorporates the timeframe when the plan should be done. In this regard, organizing ensures that the management allocates employees in the departments where they are well prepared to work in.

The administration should ensure that all employees are given whatever they are capable of handling. For instance, operational managers should have adequate knowledge and skills in operations management. Many companies suggest the requirements which the employees should have.

Organizing is done in almost all levels of management. The top-level managers organize how the strategic goals will be achieved, whereas the tactical managers tend to organize departmental activities. Organizing is always done immediately after planting.

Organizing also involves the allocation of resources. Resources include all the requirements which are needed towards the implementation of the plan. In the long run, organizing helps the organization to develop the right management strategies since they will be capable of allocating resources effectively.

After organizing, the management does direct function. This management role ensures that the right people do the course of action at the right time. Directing role refers to the authoritarian part of management. The management is the authority of the organization, and whatever the managers say should be taken seriously. Therefore, this role entails assigning roles and ensuring that supervision is given so that there are no mistakes.

Directing ensures that there are minimal mistakes in the organization as far as articulations of roles are concerned. The management ensures that the employees work according to the job description. Directing is also an essential aspect of management since it enables the government to give the employees the rules and regulations that they should follow.

Controlling is the last function of management. This is the role of management, which deals with the assessment of what the employees are doing towards the achievement of the desired goals. It involves the supervision of the workers and checking whether the employees are following what they are supposed to do or not.

The company in question employs different strategies to control the workforce in the organization. It ensures that all employees report to the management for the smooth running of the organization.

Besides, the management of PepsiCo ensures that the employees are motivated appropriately. Motivation encourages employees to work effectively in the organization. Well motivated employees are likely to do their best in the organization as compared to those who are not motivated.

The management can determine the degree of satisfaction of the employees through the assessment of their practices. Those who are satisfied with the services offered to him by the organization will tend to work harder than their colleagues. Employee appraisal can also help in identifying whether the employees are doing well or not.

Management employs different strategies to motivate employees. One of the methods of motivation is the provision of fair salaries. Motivation can either be monetary or non-financial. Monetary motivation involves salaries and other financial incentives. Non-financial firms of motivation include ensuring proper working conditions and the provision of training and development.

Employees prefer working in organizations which can help in developing their personal life as well as career life. Motivation creates an excellent employer-employee relationship since the employee will tend to feel that the organization values his presence and work. PepsiCo motivates its employees for good work results.

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